Nikki and Berit // New Zealand Wedding Photographer

I must sound like a broken record but I am so chuffed to be able to travel doing what I love. The fact that I can fly for 2 hours, drive for 3 and end up somewhere completely different to my little home town of Piha, somewhere where I am surrounded by snow capped mountains and icy blue lakes. That blows my freaking mind!

I LOVE travelling New Zealand for work. There is so much too see and so much variety across our little country. I used to take New Zealand for granted before Photography opened my eyes to what an amazing country it is! And I’ll always be thankful for that. And I’ll always be thankful for couples like these two who made the trip an absolute breeze! I had so much fun with them and Im so grateful to have meet these two and witnessed their love for one another.

A beautiful backdrop is one thing, but It’s couples like this that take a photograph from “Beautiful” to Absolute MAGIC!


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