Brie and Jackson // Piha Wedding Photographer

““Is it ok if we bring our dogs…?”
Guys, this is a question you need not ask! My answer is and forever will be a resounding YES to doggos crashing your engagement shoot!

Brie, Jax and their two fur babies headed out to me for an afternoon filled with sunshine, beach wanders, rock climbing and stick fetching (the dogs, not Brie and Jax) ;) The water was warm and the breeze smelled of spring and these two lovers cozied up on the beach and let the waves lap their feet!

One of my favourite parts about where I live is that it is right in front of mid beach, which if you know Piha you will know is the place were dogs run free - its my favourite place to be at sunset on the weekend as I have ample opportunities to play with doggos and since I don’t have my own and have to live through others this is sacred time for me! And as if I didn’t want a dog enough already, after seeing this adorable little fam frolicking along the beach, I was absolutely smitten!

Brie and Jax will be getting hitched come November and I legit want to EXPLODE from anticipation! For now, here is their little Piha Engagement love story! And if this is anything to go by, you can bet their wedding will be absolute FIRE!

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Simone and Alex // Auckland Wedding Photographer

Upon first meeting Simone and Alex I knew their day would be nothing short of wonderful. Simone dreamed of tuscan inspired details, classic and timeless set in Mantells in Mt Eden, And Alex was sure to supply plenty of lols throughout the day!

Their Engagement shoot had me absolutely speechless, they were one of my first couples to come shoot with me in Piha just after I moved and we explored this beautiful wild west coast as the sunset, it was windy and rainy but the sun peered through the moment we stepped onto the beach and held out till the moment we reached the car after watching the sun dip below the horizon. After that day I simply ADORED these guys. And I began counting down the days till I got to see them become hubby and wifey!

Immediately after arriving to Simones Hotel I was completely blown away by her sense of style - After her E-shoot I knew this gal had taste, but she had outdone herself here. Simone had brought beauty and thought into every detail, even down to making sure everyone felt comfortable and at ease. She even did her mommas hair - which made my heart melt!

The whole day was filled with so much beauty and so many laughs! I had such a blast with these two and Im so so happy they get to be at each others sides forever! They are perfectly matched and they both brings something so unique to their relationship. Its a beautiful thing to see two people giving their all to one another and they really are such a beautiful pair. Alex is silly, Simone is Sassy and together these two will take over the world!

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Hair: Alice Francis from Wonderland Hair and Beauty | Makeup: Bride (Talk Lab) | Bridesmaid Dresses: Blush fashions | Suits: Barkers | Shoes: Novo | Jewellery: Zoe and Morgan | Rings: Naveya and Sloane | Wedding band: Walker and Hall | Flowers: Twig and Twine | Hire items: The Pretty Prop Shop | Cake: Magnolia Kitchen | Stationery: Minted