Chey and Sophie // Surprise Piha Engagement, New Zealand Wedding Photographer

I witness some pretty wonderful magic moments in this job... But this just takes the cake! 

I received a message from Chey about a month or so ago, her idea was simple, find an epic spot, propose to her partner in crime Sophie, get a photographer to sneakily capture it all. The only thing was, they'd be travelling from Australia and had never been to Piha before. Challenge accepted.

Chey knew she wanted it to be atop lions rock. I warned her of the climb, the unstable cliff faces and fallen away pathways, the steep vertical climb near a 30 feat drop... I sent video footage of myself climbing it all to prepare her for the challenge that would await if she decided to go ahead... She messaged back "its perfect". And off I went on a mission to find the perfect hiding spot (which I found in some nearby flax bushes)

The game was set, I marked out an "x" with some sticks to perfectly mark out where Chey was to stand when she dropped the knee. Now all we had to do was wait... Oh and Chey had to spend the next hour an a half convincing and coaching Sophie to the top because... oh yeah, she has a fear of heights and there was "no way I'm climbing up there"

With proper convincing from Chey, they made it! And as I creeped around in the flax bushes my heart raced with anticipation watching Cheys face and she waited to catch her breath, take a few selfies, set Sophie in place, hug her hard, breath deeply, and forget everything she had planned to say! She gave me the signal, and I popped up out of the bushes almost simultaneously as Chey dropped her knee! Sophie, still shook from the climb she reluctantly embarked on, was now completely speechless. Her face lit up with pure joy and love... And yes! She said Yes!

It was such a beautiful moment to be apart of. And Im so happy for these two as they embark on their next journey together! Hopefully this one requires less hikes up unstable cliffs ;P Although, it was Totally worth it! 

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Rochelle and Stacey // Masterton Wedding Photographer

Nestled down a dusty driveway, Rochelle and Stacey said their I do's surrounded by forest and farm land at The Landing in Masterton. A perfectly sweet spot for this perfectly sweet couple. With apple trees, hidden gardens and one random Highland Cow strolling around the paddocks, I literally spent a solid 2 hours getting lost in this beautiful gem in this little town an hour North from our very own windy Wellington city.

Hair: Nicole Brown | Makeup: Renee Tomuri Makeup Artist | Dress: Sally Eagle | Bridesmaid Dresses: Evolution Bridesmaids | Suits: Hallensteins | Shoes: The Iconic | Flowers: Table Flower | Cake: Ten O'clock Bakery | Place names: Peg Creative | Welcome sign: Paper Darling | Videographer: Grey Area Productions

Rebecca and Brendan // New Zealand Wedding Photographer

Where to start with these two... 

It all began when I received a message from none other than Jess from Two Foxes Styling and Prop hire. Whenever I receive a message from this lady, I always know Im in for a banger! So when they asked me my availability and if I'd be keen to meet Rebecca and Brendan I jumped at the chance to meet this wonderful couple whom they spent multiple emails gushing about to me. 

I met Rebecca and Brendan in the city for some after work drinks. We sipped beers and chatted away and I immediately knew what Jess meant when she said they were a wicked couple. These two cool cats are so chill, kind and funny and after a few beers and a Cornwall park adventure (Their Engagement shoot - See more HERE) I was counting the days till I'd watch them say I do; and hopefully not cry because I had officially caught the feels for these guys. 

The Wedding was more than I ever expected. A day filled with Laughter, love, good food and drink. And with all my favourites behind the scenes it felt like I was spending the day surrounded by mates. The most romantic blooms from Wildly madly deeply, Stunning as always Hair do's from Boutique Bride, the girls looked like absolute dream boats with Make up from Freckles and Blush. And of course The Officers Mess Takapuna Styled with absolute class by The one and only... Two Foxes. I have labeled this squad the Dream Team because whenever I see any one of these peeps separately behind the scenes my lil Photographer heart jumps for joy... And whenever we all get together; I have actual heart attacks. Its just that good! Also huge shout out to Gemma Flay for being my wonderful Second shooter on this one! 

I've been sitting on this beauty for a while, simply because I struggled SO HARD to pick a small selection of pics because I love them all so much. But I finally did it! And Im so excited to share it with you all as my final blog entry to 2017! I cant wait for the next year ahead! Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 everyone!