Charlotte and Jonothan // Matakana Wedding Photographer

I always love going back to my home town to shoot weddings. I feel so at peace and comfortable surrounded by the beautiful beaches, countryside and native bush. There isn't many places that you can go to that have everything you could ever want within a 10 minute drive, but Matakana is one of them and I'm always so proud to call it my hometown. 

I didn't realise Matakana could be even more magical than it already was, that was until, Charlotte and Jonothan rolled up with their family and friends to celebrate the best day of their lives! There are few people who suit a last name quite as well as these two. I mean when you hear Mr and Mrs Rainbow; You imagine two of the sweetest, lovelies, smiliest and kind hearted people in the world, and its pretty spot on with these two! Every time I go through these images I'm whacked with such immense joy and love in my heart! I had the BEST day with them and would honestly relive this day a thousand times over if I could. 

The most magic pair, in the most magical of places... And Oh! Did I mention? We crashed a Gypsy Fair at sunset. 

Hair: Natalie Dent  Makeup: Sam Hart   Dress: Jessica Bridal  Bridesmaid Dresses: Evolution Clothing Suits: Rembrant  Flowers: Leaf and honey   Cake: Mint Cakery Venue: The Stables Matakana

Abby and Scott: Waimauku Barn Wedding

There are fewer things more magical than watching a close friend marry the love of their lives, and then there is Abby and Scott. Its hard to put into words the amount of gratitude I felt documenting this beautiful day and to say it was absolute magic, is an understatement. What else can you expect from a fellow fairy ;)

I met Abby a few years back, where we worked together at a little place called the Fairy Shop. Around the same time, I had just picked up a camera, and she had only just met Scott, who in time would end up at the end of an aisle, teary eyed in anticipation as Abby walked towards him ready to become his Wife. 

Their wedding was filled with everything you could possibly want in a wedding; Two people absolutely smitten with each other, a good bunch of friends and family ready to tear up the D-Floor, Fairy lights, Forests, Sand dunes and of course TACOS! It made for one heck of a day and Im so stoked to finally share it with you all! Get ready for all the Smiles! 

Chan and Pups // Raglan Wedding

I am so beyond happy to have meet these two amazing people. And that goes for all my couples this season actually! I always knew I wanted my couples to double as friends but I could not have prepared myself for the amount of love that I would have for 2 people that I meet only about 6 months ago. I honestly have had nothing but amazing people filled with love and surrounded by Joy and Im so freak'n stoked beyond words! 

Pups and Chan, You guys are stella! Ive told you that a billion times but i will say it again. Im so stoked to have been apart of your day and I will definitely be taking you up on your offer to drink wine with you and sleep on your sofa! Raglan here I come!

I shall leave you all with this super adorable message I received from Pups! (Emma) Today that made my heart literally burst out of my chest!

Another huge thanks to Patty Lagera for keeping me company, sleeping in a tipi and being her generally awesome self! Team Patmy for the Win! ;)

The adorable little package arrived and we got to sit down and have a look. I love how many funny and natural ones are in there, and how so many just ooze love and happiness!
Thank you thank you thank you so much, to you and Patty.
What incredible forces you are, so much talent at capturing pure emotion in a single frame....that is not an easy feat! It's a shame we won't get married again, as we would hire you all over again! Will have to get you gals to come down and catch up!
Thank you again, You made us teary all over again.
Hugest love, 
Em and Chan xx"