Kimberley and Matt // Queenstown Wedding Photographer

Kimberley and Matt. Just writing your names makes me so damn happy. 

These two absolutely beautiful humans have brought so much Joy into my life this past year! Before I had even met them in person we were all ready as thick as thieves and me and Kim were practically bffls - Sending each other memes and cute dog videos on instagram daily. It was without question that when I finally got to hang with them in Piha on their Engagement shoot that 1. Some magic would be made and 2. that all the lols were to be had. And it didn't disappoint! 

I was already so damn excited for their wedding day - A Queenstown ceremony in old ruins, fly up the mountain for photos and a lake side reception wedding day is one way to make a photographer hyperventilate on the spot - But then after hanging with these two I was almost certain that I was going to have a full blown melt down because I was in the most epic beautiful place with the most epic beautiful of people and my heart cant handle the amount of love and joy that was about to go down. 

Again - did not disappoint.

It was my first mountain wedding and I'll be totally honest in saying that upon first stepping out of the helicopter I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful it was that I actually had to take a minute to compose myself. But hey, if you ever get used to the immense beauty of being surrounded by giants and your not breathless/speechless/motionless for a few minutes while you adjust to the fact that this is real and you are actually here... there is something seriously wrong with you.

It wasn't just the mountains that took my breath away this day - the whole day from start to finish had me gasping for breath at every turn. But the most amazing part was the people that I was there with.

Kim and Matt Im so grateful to have you as friends - The fact we all went for a hike together on your technical honeymoon a few days after the wedding is so special to me because it really made me realise how much I adore this job for the amazing friendships its brought into my life. I cant wait for more Queenstown hikes, burgers and adventures with you guys! My life is so full with you both in it and I'll never forget this day! 


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Queenstown Adventures

A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to make a trip down South to the beautiful city of Queenstown. I had spent so long gawking over Photographs of the beautiful views and spectacular scenery, and now I was finally able to witness it first hand.

We started off early and was able to catch the sunrise as we flew over South Auckland, and where greeted by the foggy mountains of Queenstown. Stepping of the plane into -4 degrees was definitely refreshing, In these times I was thankful for my big puffy jacket and my 2 layers of socks.

First thing after stepping off the plane, It was a drive out too Glenorchy for a Jet boat ride up the Route Burn Track. I kept having to check in with myself to make sure this was all real. The only way I can sum it up would be to call it a Fairy tale land. It seemed unreal that this place could exist, especially so close to home. 

Our Jet boat ride came to an end with a warm cup of soup and a 4WD bus ride through Paradise, and it really did live up to its name!

First night out for Dinner, It took us a good hour to choose 1 place out of the 42 Restaurants in Queenstown. But finally we settled in to Blue Canoe for some interesting tapas, chicken feet being one of them. And then it was down to Vinyl for some live music.

The next day after a late breakfast and a stroll through the town, It was a trip to Arrowtown for a day of sight seeing, window shopping and Mulled Wine.

Even the views from the Car parks where mind bobbling! This was the view from Coronet Peak where I also learnt to snow board. There is no photo proof of this as a majority of the time I was trying to not fall over. But I did manage to grasp the floating leaf technique - after falling down and picking myself up, over and over and over again.

The best part of it all was spending this time with our family and Friends. The views where spectacular, the food was incredible, But the best thing was spending it all with one another. The trip wouldn't have been the same without them all, and especially the Birthday girl, Madeleine. Who, acting as our tour guide, was able to arrange so many adventures for us! 

So many cafe's, so many coffees, so much good food!


On one of our last days, we drove through the Crown Ranges, and came out the other side to Cardrona, where I found some horses and was happily snapping photos for a good 30 minutes! I was so tempted to jump on and ride one off into the distance. Sadly horses don't have heaters so it was back into the car to defrost my toes! 

To conclude, Queenstown was magnificent! I can see why people call it one of the most magical places on Earth. Getting back to Auckland's 12 degrees was a nice warm welcome home. And after spending a good week In a Fairy tale world, getting back to normal life was a bit of an adjustment. I know for a fact that I will be going back, this time maybe in the summer when I don't need to wear 3 sets of pants to be warm.