Sarah and Neil // San Diego Wedding at Mt Woodson Castle

Kiwi Girl meets American Boy and they fall hopelessly in love. After years of long distance calls, Skype dates, long haul flights, and love letters they were finally blessed to say their I do's this July, surrounded by their family and friends on a sunny day in the beautiful San Diego

So as most of you know, I did a bit of travel this year across North America and along the way I saw some pretty incredible stuff, Including but not limited to; Mountains, lakes, city skylines, jazz bands playing in the streets and so much more amazing things that I cant even count. One of these amazing things was seeing these two say their I do's in the beautiful Hills of Ramona in San Diego. Not only is San Diego one of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming places I've been but the people were some of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming people I've met. Sarah and Neil we're two of these amazing souls and Im so grateful that my final days in America was spent hanging with them and their family and friends at their wicked wedding at Mt Woodson Castle. 

I feel so lucky that my Job takes me to so many amazing places, but these places would be empty without the incredible people who welcome me into their lives. Sarah and Neil, I had such a blast with you guys and I cant wait to see where your adventures take you together. Thank you for your honesty, warmth, trust and for being absolute legends and tearing up the dance floor true Mr&MrsChin Style! 

North America // Whistler, Canada

Whistler. Possibly one of the most magical places on earth. The closest I felt to being in NZ since we left 3 weeks ago. Surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes and the freshest air I breathed while adventuring North America. Its quant and magic and the whole time I was there I felt as though I had fallen into the pages of a fairytale story book. We had 3 days to explore this beautiful town and after stepping off our 3 hour greyhound from Vancouver, I immediately knew that it wouldn't be even close to enough time. Thats the magic of Whistler; The moment you arrive, you never want to leave. And for a lot of people, thats exactly what happens. I felt right at home in this little "town" (If you can even call it that-I felt more like a tiny kingdom in a land far far away) and it wasn't just down to the familiar accents of all the Australians who have taken up residence there either. Its beautiful in a way that you feel, the feeling of contentedness and adventure is contagious and after spending only 3 days here I was already starting to plan coming back for the winter snow season to take up snow boarding. 

Its a place like no other that you really have to feel and see and experience. But in the meantime, you can snuggle up and flick through this blog post. And maybe, just maybe, you'll understand why I fell in love with a little town, nestled in the mountains of the Canadian wilderness. 

Chan and Pups // Raglan Wedding

I am so beyond happy to have meet these two amazing people. And that goes for all my couples this season actually! I always knew I wanted my couples to double as friends but I could not have prepared myself for the amount of love that I would have for 2 people that I meet only about 6 months ago. I honestly have had nothing but amazing people filled with love and surrounded by Joy and Im so freak'n stoked beyond words! 

Pups and Chan, You guys are stella! Ive told you that a billion times but i will say it again. Im so stoked to have been apart of your day and I will definitely be taking you up on your offer to drink wine with you and sleep on your sofa! Raglan here I come!

I shall leave you all with this super adorable message I received from Pups! (Emma) Today that made my heart literally burst out of my chest!

Another huge thanks to Patty Lagera for keeping me company, sleeping in a tipi and being her generally awesome self! Team Patmy for the Win! ;)

The adorable little package arrived and we got to sit down and have a look. I love how many funny and natural ones are in there, and how so many just ooze love and happiness!
Thank you thank you thank you so much, to you and Patty.
What incredible forces you are, so much talent at capturing pure emotion in a single frame....that is not an easy feat! It's a shame we won't get married again, as we would hire you all over again! Will have to get you gals to come down and catch up!
Thank you again, You made us teary all over again.
Hugest love, 
Em and Chan xx"