Take Hold of Yourself

I love the Rain. There is something very comforting, quiet and peaceful about it. And as the rain pelted against my window today I felt the need to create something inspired by an idea I had been mulling over quite a bit recently. So I took some pictures and wrote some stuff, and here it is... From my heart to yours...

A x

"Learn how to hold yourself... By that, I don't mean how to stand or how to present yourself. I mean really how to hold yourself. In the isolation of your home and in the pit of your heart. Hold yourself. Give in to your weak knees and collapse into your own embrace. Take yourself in your arms and reassure yourself that its going to be alright.
You need love and kindness, not from others, but from yourself. So let yourself cry, let yourself breath heavily, let your eyes close and your body curl into a ball. Let your arms wrap around you so tight your that all your broken parts are pulled back together. And feel comfort in knowing that you will always be there for yourself."

Connection: Personal Project

The other day I went out to Bethells Lake for a personal photo shoot very close too heart. As part of preparation for A Bit More Soul we were encouraged to shoot a personal project and were given one word of inspiration; Connection. 

For me connection means a couple of things. Our connection to each other. Our connection to the earth and our environment. And our connection to our souls and who we are. Starting my journey as a photographer has blessed me with so many opportunities to connect with so many wonderful people and encourages me every day to search within myself and connect with who I am so that I can put it into my work and help me have my voice through my art. 

When I was younger, I struggled a lot with making connections. By that I don't mean I was shy or introverted, but I really struggled with turning mere interactions into real, honest and true connections. And honestly, sometimes I still do. Connecting with others on a personal and emotional level can be frightening for a lot of people. This year has been such a blessing, because not only have I been pursuing my dreams but in doing just that it has encouraged me to step out of my place of comfort. To meet with people, and not just talk with them but REALLY get to know them, and visa versa.

Being vulnerable, open and honest with people is a scary thing, but it is so precious and rewarding to have someone in your life that knows you for being you, and accepts it whole heartedly and with open arms. And being able to be that person for another, I cant even describe how beautiful that is. 

I have had a few friends (you know who you are) who I have had such impact in my life that I am forever grateful for. This shoot was for them. This shoot is for those that saw someone struggling and offered a hand, its for the people who open doors for strangers and for the people who smile to you on the street.

And for anyone else that has ever felt lonely, that has ever struggled to feel accepted, that has ever been afraid to connect. This is a reminder, that although hiding under a blanket to avoid the pain of the outside world feels good at the time, there is always someone who wont mind joining you until you find the courage to step outside again.

Most importantly, this shoot is for friendship. Its for the friends that stick together, laugh together, cry together and sing and dance in the rain together. Its for the people in our lives that love us for every inch of who we are. Through the stormy weather and all.