Brie and Jackson // Piha Wedding Photographer

““Is it ok if we bring our dogs…?”
Guys, this is a question you need not ask! My answer is and forever will be a resounding YES to doggos crashing your engagement shoot!

Brie, Jax and their two fur babies headed out to me for an afternoon filled with sunshine, beach wanders, rock climbing and stick fetching (the dogs, not Brie and Jax) ;) The water was warm and the breeze smelled of spring and these two lovers cozied up on the beach and let the waves lap their feet!

One of my favourite parts about where I live is that it is right in front of mid beach, which if you know Piha you will know is the place were dogs run free - its my favourite place to be at sunset on the weekend as I have ample opportunities to play with doggos and since I don’t have my own and have to live through others this is sacred time for me! And as if I didn’t want a dog enough already, after seeing this adorable little fam frolicking along the beach, I was absolutely smitten!

Brie and Jax will be getting hitched come November and I legit want to EXPLODE from anticipation! For now, here is their little Piha Engagement love story! And if this is anything to go by, you can bet their wedding will be absolute FIRE!

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Simone and Alex: Piha Engagement Photographer

Late one afternoon Simone and Alex ventured out to meet me in my new hometown of Piha. I have just recently taken up residence in the beautiful, quiet and moody af coastal town and have been dying to bring some couples out to show them all the little spots I have found in my wanderings over the past 2 months. The skies where angry and heavy with rain and the sand flattened by the roaring winds. We sat in the car waiting for the torrential rain to pass over before heading out. At this point, maybe others less brave would've decided to call it a day and reschedule. But not these guys! Once it passed we packed up our things and headed out. The thing about cold days is that it means you have to cuddle for your life, which results in some beautifully moody, emotive and downright adorable pics. During the rain spells we hid out in caves that North End is so generous in providing which resulted in some even more spectacular and (thanks to Simone's Epic Style) Fashionable as heck pics. 

In true Amy Kate Photoshoot Weather Luck, the sun decided to come out and grace us with its presence - At this point Im starting to wonder if I should put "Can control the Weather" in my about me, because honestly, its just getting ridiculous how lucky I am getting with this weather stuff. *results may vary* 

More than all that, these two where just so wonderful to hang out with and I cannot WAIT to be part of their wedding day next April! 

Shelvin and Steven: Tekapo Engagement

One Word to describe this blog post your about to see: Magic.
Im trying really hard not to sound narcissistic when I say that but it is truly what I think when I flick through these images. Shelvin, Steven and Lake Tekapo. You all make quite the team and every time I go through these Im taken aback to this beautiful trip down South.

My Job takes me to some pretty incredible places! And the fact that most of these places are simply an hour flight from my home here in Auckland continually blow my mind.

Shelvin and Steven flew all the way from Jakarta Indonesia to get a glimpse at this beautiful country I call home. They flew into Christchurch with Shelvin's Family, picked up their rental car and drove out to meet me in Tekapo. I had never been to Lake Tekapo before but from what I heard, I was about to lose my mind. And I did. 

I drove down a day early to spend the night camping with a good friend of mine. We mistakingly didn't pack a sufficient mattress. Our only separation between the earth and us was the tent floor, a yoga mat and various clothing items we laid down in hopes of creating some sort of cushioning (they didn't work). We basically slept on Pinecones and we spent the entire night in fits of laughter at our sheer stupidity in thinking a single yoga mat was sufficient enough for a good nights sleep. We felt very connected to the earth (and rather tired) when we awoke early the next day to the sound of the loudest birds in the entire world (or what seemed like it). For some reason the sound of morning birds becomes 280% Louder when your camping. We packed up our tent, hopped in the car and went to find breakfast and coffee. Once fuelled by caffeine and carbohydrates we headed off to meet Shelvin and Steven for the photoshoot.

We spent the day in forests, surrounded by flowers, walking along the lakeside and frolicking through long grass. It was a long 8 hour day but with an abundance of beautiful landscapes as far as we could see we weren't struggling to find new places to shoot every time we turned a corner. Shelvin and Steven made for some pretty breathtaking shots, they looked like absolute models and every frame glowed with their beaming smiles. We explored till the sun dipped behind the mountains and after 8 hours called it a day! 

As I hopped back in the Car, Eloise at the helm, and set off into the sunset back to Christchurch, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy to live in such an amazing part of the world. I wound down my window, leant out into the warm summer air and closed my eyes letting the wind whip through my hair. NZ road trips do that to you... I also then realised I was about as red as a Lobster and my entire face felt like it was on fire (Always pack sunscreen Kids).

So, Wheres your next Journey taking you? Close to home? Or across the Globe? Wherever you go, always appreciate what a magnificent world we live in. Treat it well. Be Adventurous. Don't be afraid to wander. 


A xx