Abby and Scott: Waimauku Barn Wedding

There are fewer things more magical than watching a close friend marry the love of their lives, and then there is Abby and Scott. Its hard to put into words the amount of gratitude I felt documenting this beautiful day and to say it was absolute magic, is an understatement. What else can you expect from a fellow fairy ;)

I met Abby a few years back, where we worked together at a little place called the Fairy Shop. Around the same time, I had just picked up a camera, and she had only just met Scott, who in time would end up at the end of an aisle, teary eyed in anticipation as Abby walked towards him ready to become his Wife. 

Their wedding was filled with everything you could possibly want in a wedding; Two people absolutely smitten with each other, a good bunch of friends and family ready to tear up the D-Floor, Fairy lights, Forests, Sand dunes and of course TACOS! It made for one heck of a day and Im so stoked to finally share it with you all! Get ready for all the Smiles! 

Chelsea and Johnson // Woodzone Backyard Wedding

I cant even deal with how sweet these two are! There day was filled to the absolute brim with love, joy and laughter and I kept having to take a moment to take in the fact that I get to surround myself with such incredible people in such incredible places for my job! It blows my mind sometimes and Im so freaking thrilled to do what I love with such wonderful people! Also how amazing is this feedback!? I freak out every time I read it! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check out the beautiful trailer video by my gal pal Patty Lagera Photography!


YAY we received our special little package on the weekend!!! We were SO excited!!
Every single one of them is absolutely amazing. Thanks to that we will be able to treasure our memories forever and ever by looking back at these amazing pictures! I cannot stop looking through them - I am OBSESSED! 

You were an absolute charm to have by our sides for the day, we could not have asked for a more energetic, bubbly, talented, lovely and sweet photographer! 
We are completely overwhelmed by what you have done for us and cannot thank you enough! 

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!! 
You nailed it! ;)

All our love,
Mr & Mrs Goodlet 

Most of you will know by now, because I continually Rant about her, that I work fairly closely with a wonderful girl by the name of Patty Lagera. Patty makes the most adorable highlights reels of your wedding day, capturing moments and stringing them together with beautiful music that encapsulates your day in just a few minutes! Check out this adorable trailer for Chelsea and Johnson!

Spoiler Alert: Johnson at the Alter gets me e're time!