Brie and Jackson // Piha Wedding Photographer

““Is it ok if we bring our dogs…?”
Guys, this is a question you need not ask! My answer is and forever will be a resounding YES to doggos crashing your engagement shoot!

Brie, Jax and their two fur babies headed out to me for an afternoon filled with sunshine, beach wanders, rock climbing and stick fetching (the dogs, not Brie and Jax) ;) The water was warm and the breeze smelled of spring and these two lovers cozied up on the beach and let the waves lap their feet!

One of my favourite parts about where I live is that it is right in front of mid beach, which if you know Piha you will know is the place were dogs run free - its my favourite place to be at sunset on the weekend as I have ample opportunities to play with doggos and since I don’t have my own and have to live through others this is sacred time for me! And as if I didn’t want a dog enough already, after seeing this adorable little fam frolicking along the beach, I was absolutely smitten!

Brie and Jax will be getting hitched come November and I legit want to EXPLODE from anticipation! For now, here is their little Piha Engagement love story! And if this is anything to go by, you can bet their wedding will be absolute FIRE!

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Sam and Chelsea // Piha Engagement

I have spent a good part of about 2 years with this couple. I first met Sam and Chelsea on a New Years trip about 2 years ago. My first impression of them was that they were easy going, relaxed and in an element of their own together. They seemed so comfortable in each others embrace, so perfectly fitted to each others side and had this stare that when they looked at each other you could easily feel the rest of the world fading away.  After 5 years of standing by each others side it was no surprise to hear that Sam had Stole Chelsea away for a weekend In Wellington, and getting down on one knee had asked Chelsea a Question he had long been waiting to ask. 

The other weekend I got to take these two out on a little adventure as the soon to be Mr and Mrs Todd. After getting them to climb across rocks, dodging oyster shells and the crashing of waves the whole way, I really feel like I was given a very special insight to the love that these two have for each other. I will let the pictures speak for themselves here. There is also a little song I picked as it seemed to match it all too perfectly. 

Enjoy x

Sam and Jannel // Piha Engagement

When I first met Jannel and Sam, I knew that this was going to be a beautiful and wonderful partnership. I met these two love birds at one of my favourite cafes Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby Central, on on my entrance I found them both sitting with tasty doughnuts and sweet treats laid on the table.

The week leading up to the shoot, New Zealand's weather was sending us mixed signals, We decided to pack some umbrellas and take it as it happened. It was the first day of daylight saving and it was perfect! The rain held off, and the sun even peaked out from the clouds at golden hour to throw some beautiful light across Piha beach. When the rain did start to spit, we found ourselves huddled in the 4WD eating chocolate danishes and orange chocolate chip muffins, chatting and cracking jokes. I really couldn't have asked for a better day.

These images are some of my favourites to date and Im so glad to have meet these two wonderful people.

Enjoy! x