Emma and Isaac // New Zealand Wedding Photographer

A sun filled afternoon wandering the beach with the two loves of your life… You’re best mate and your soon to be newest team member!

Photography has opened my eyes to a lot of things in this beautiful world, but the one that has hit me the hardest, is this moment right here… Growing a little human in your tummy and bringing life into this world. I really do believe that it is the real magic of this life that we get to live.

Emma and Isaac will be holding their little bubba in their arms by now and Im so grateful I got to document this moment for them here. The waiting of anticipation to meet your first child.

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Marilyn and Thomas // Piha Wedding Photographer

I honestly can't get enough of these two! We spent an afternoon in late Spring wandering across Piha to one of my absolute favourite spots. I love the playfulness these guys have with each other, they seem to just fall into each other with such ease and their love is filled with so much play, wonder and joy. I'm so chuffed to witness love like this.

North End Piha is my absolute favourite, It just seems so otherworldly, although This whole place has that effect on me. But I couldn't help but swoon in wonder over these guys, Cuddling amongst the jagged rocks with misty sea spray enveloping them. 

These guys get Married this weekend, and I cannot WAIT to watch them become husband and wife. Trading in these rugged coastlines for Auckland City. And I guarantee it'll be nothing sort of Epic.

Charlotte and Jonathan // New Zealand Wedding Photographer

Waterfalls, Deserted Beaches, Sunsets, Cuddles and Doggos! Whats not to love...

Charlotte and Jonathan ventured out to Piha one sunny afternoon mid winter to reveal in Piha's own Kite Kite Falls. It was a busy Saturday, the tracks were swarmed by visiting tourists and the paths muddied by the previous days/months rainfall, churned up by the visitors tramping boots and walking sticks. Amongst the hustle of trampers, campers and swimmers these two looking like something out of a fairy tale book, turned heads as they dodged mud puddles and broken trees and climbed barefoot along slippery rocks. 

Totally smitten and out for an adventure these guys spent the afternoon wrapped in each others cuddles. They even brought along their beautiful fur baby, Winnie who supplied all the LOLs as she decided to dig holes around all our feet instead of participating in the game of fetch. A perfect way to end this adorable little E-sesh! 

And if you think this is good, just wait till you see the wedding! 

To be continued....