Sam and Chelsea // Piha Engagement

I have spent a good part of about 2 years with this couple. I first met Sam and Chelsea on a New Years trip about 2 years ago. My first impression of them was that they were easy going, relaxed and in an element of their own together. They seemed so comfortable in each others embrace, so perfectly fitted to each others side and had this stare that when they looked at each other you could easily feel the rest of the world fading away.  After 5 years of standing by each others side it was no surprise to hear that Sam had Stole Chelsea away for a weekend In Wellington, and getting down on one knee had asked Chelsea a Question he had long been waiting to ask. 

The other weekend I got to take these two out on a little adventure as the soon to be Mr and Mrs Todd. After getting them to climb across rocks, dodging oyster shells and the crashing of waves the whole way, I really feel like I was given a very special insight to the love that these two have for each other. I will let the pictures speak for themselves here. There is also a little song I picked as it seemed to match it all too perfectly. 

Enjoy x

Wild Hearts: A Bohemian Bridal Shoot

So you probably know at this point after hearing me constantly bragging about how talented and awesome she is, but my sister just this year completed her training as a make up artist. She is super talented and Im so proud of her pursuing something she loves, and lets be real, its ALWAYS handy to have a sister and flatmate as a make up artist, especially when I have 0 abilities in that area.  

Check out what we did the other day with just the two of us and nothing but time, inspiration and good ole fun! 

Photography: ME! :)

Make up (using Mac) + Styling:  Sarah Eliza Makeup Artistry 

Flowers: Flowers on Onewa (styled by Sarah and I)

Dress and Jacket: Model owns

Nelson Adventures with Patty Lagera

Nestled at the top of the South Island, surrounded by mountain peaks, lush greenery and in a climate made specially for itself, Lives the magical city of Nelson. A few weeks back, I was lucky to spend a few days exploring, getting lost and wandering all over this beautiful city with the incredibly talented and all round top notch gal, Patty Lagera. We wandered through markets, ate fresh asparagus, petted horses and took lots, and lots, and lots of photos in the dreamy gold light. Here are some of ma favs from those few days.

I have split this adventure in three parts: Nelson Adventures, A bit More Soul and Hamner Springs Roadie. I needed to dedicate a whole blog post to each part of this adventure as there is just way to much to say and show than a single post couldn't even begin to scratch the surface.

Enjoy Peeps! x