Emma and Isaac // New Zealand Wedding Photographer

A sun filled afternoon wandering the beach with the two loves of your life… You’re best mate and your soon to be newest team member!

Photography has opened my eyes to a lot of things in this beautiful world, but the one that has hit me the hardest, is this moment right here… Growing a little human in your tummy and bringing life into this world. I really do believe that it is the real magic of this life that we get to live.

Emma and Isaac will be holding their little bubba in their arms by now and Im so grateful I got to document this moment for them here. The waiting of anticipation to meet your first child.

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Chey and Sophie // Surprise Piha Engagement, New Zealand Wedding Photographer

I witness some pretty wonderful magic moments in this job... But this just takes the cake! 

I received a message from Chey about a month or so ago, her idea was simple, find an epic spot, propose to her partner in crime Sophie, get a photographer to sneakily capture it all. The only thing was, they'd be travelling from Australia and had never been to Piha before. Challenge accepted.

Chey knew she wanted it to be atop lions rock. I warned her of the climb, the unstable cliff faces and fallen away pathways, the steep vertical climb near a 30 feat drop... I sent video footage of myself climbing it all to prepare her for the challenge that would await if she decided to go ahead... She messaged back "its perfect". And off I went on a mission to find the perfect hiding spot (which I found in some nearby flax bushes)

The game was set, I marked out an "x" with some sticks to perfectly mark out where Chey was to stand when she dropped the knee. Now all we had to do was wait... Oh and Chey had to spend the next hour an a half convincing and coaching Sophie to the top because... oh yeah, she has a fear of heights and there was "no way I'm climbing up there"

With proper convincing from Chey, they made it! And as I creeped around in the flax bushes my heart raced with anticipation watching Cheys face and she waited to catch her breath, take a few selfies, set Sophie in place, hug her hard, breath deeply, and forget everything she had planned to say! She gave me the signal, and I popped up out of the bushes almost simultaneously as Chey dropped her knee! Sophie, still shook from the climb she reluctantly embarked on, was now completely speechless. Her face lit up with pure joy and love... And yes! She said Yes!

It was such a beautiful moment to be apart of. And Im so happy for these two as they embark on their next journey together! Hopefully this one requires less hikes up unstable cliffs ;P Although, it was Totally worth it! 

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Toni and Dane // Waiheke Wedding Photographer

When you think Waiheke you probably think Vineyards, wine, cheese platters and sunshine. And you're not wrong there. Waiheke is pretty great for all things fermented and marinated and we've all had our share of van rides across the dusty roads making nonsensical banter with the taxi driver and our fellow comrades after one too many roses. 

But, there is another side of Waiheke. Something more than just wine and oysters and sunsets at Cable Bay. Don't get me wrong those things are great, but the real magic (at least in my opinion) is tucked away in the not so well travelled corners. Maybe its the little beach town local in me, but the real magic of places such as these are in the less travelled places. The beach that no one goes to, the fish and chip shop thats been there since the dawn of time. The old school hall that looks a little run down.

Toni and Dane took the magic of Waiheke and simplified it to its roots. Striping it back to the small town, sunshine island we all know and love. Filling the cups and bellies of their closest family and friends with good wine (because; Waiheke) and warm food. Kicking off their shoes to feel the sand in their toes! And cruising the narrow windy hills of Palm beach in their old done up Merc. With Toni's knack for design and styling and Dane's professional level drinking skills - it was sure to be a good day. With a ceremony on Palm Beach and a reception in the local town hall, these guys really Waiheke'ed the heck out of Waiheke! And I had such a blast cruising the streets with these guys and their besties! 


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Photographer: Amy Kate Photography | Ceremony location: Palm Beach, Waiheke Island | Reception location: Palm Beach Hall, Waiheke Island | Celebrant: Matt Warman Celebrant | Entertainment: The Cellar Doors Band (Queenstown) | Styling & Flora: Karen Dunsmore | Catering: Gill Stotter | Furniture: LL Furniture Hire | Tableware: Two Foxes | Bride’s dress: Rime Arodaky | Groom & Bestman’s attire: Barkers Menswear | Rings: Wedding bands handmade by the bride | Bride’s shoes: La Tribe | Groom’s cufflinks: Handmade by the bride | Robes: Wallace Cotton | Maid of Honour’s dress: Blak Blak | Hair & Makeup: Laura Williamson