Nelson Adventures with Patty Lagera

Nestled at the top of the South Island, surrounded by mountain peaks, lush greenery and in a climate made specially for itself, Lives the magical city of Nelson. A few weeks back, I was lucky to spend a few days exploring, getting lost and wandering all over this beautiful city with the incredibly talented and all round top notch gal, Patty Lagera. We wandered through markets, ate fresh asparagus, petted horses and took lots, and lots, and lots of photos in the dreamy gold light. Here are some of ma favs from those few days.

I have split this adventure in three parts: Nelson Adventures, A bit More Soul and Hamner Springs Roadie. I needed to dedicate a whole blog post to each part of this adventure as there is just way to much to say and show than a single post couldn't even begin to scratch the surface.

Enjoy Peeps! x

Adventures with Emily Roper

One afternoon, as I sat playing monopoly deal with my flatmates, I received the kindest most thoughtful facebook message ever. Upon reading who it was writing said message, I threw my cards across the room, jumped up and down multiple times, then proceeded to collapse to the floor over whelmed by my level of joy and excitement.

It was a message from Emily from Clipic Photography and Video. That in itself was enough to make me keel over with what I like to call a fit of "Fan-girl Overdose". And after recovering from reading the name of sender, I took a few deep breaths and continued to read the kindest, most sweetest and lovely of messages I have received to date.

 The other week, we finally meet up and proceeded to have the most fun filled day of activities, laughs, discussions and photo adventures and I was literally beaming for a solid week afterwards. 

I had such an incredible day and Im so excited to adventure more along the side of this gorgeous, wonderful and super talented girl. If you want to see her photos from our adventure click here and you can see my face! 

It was so wonderful to meet her and Im super stoked to call her my friend! 

Enjoy x

Isn't she just the cutest! :)