Lisa and Stefan: Piha Engagement

On one glorious Spring afternoon, as the clouds parted and the sun dipped closer to the horizon, I stepped out my front door camera in hand to FINALLY met in person with Lisa and Stefan. We had met previously over skype but I just knew that these guys were gonna be an absolute dream and I couldn't wait to show them around my new home town, Piha. 

Lisa herself is a Wedding Photographer, so naturally she showed up in style - Like seriously, this girl knows whats up. And Stefan wasn't too far behind. They both jumped out of the car eagerly as I walked down to meet them outside my drive way and I knew I was in for a treat with these two. So many lols, and a whole lot of walking later, we ending up watching the sun set below the horizon with our toes in the sand and Piha showed us what all the talk is about! Sending flames of orange and pink and red across the sky that perfectly matched how elated we all were! 

A month later we would be reunited to eat burgers and doughnuts in the sunshine. And again watch a sunset dip behind the clouds. But this time it would be across farmland in the small town of Tamahere... And this time, it would be as Mr and Mrs Ryder.

Iif you think this engagement shoot is magic - you just wait for the wedding which will be hitting the blog real soon!