Claudia and Nicklaus // Awhitu Wedding Photographer

There is a special place in my heart for Weddings where the venue is set on a couples family property. Hearing all the stories that tangle themselves in the long grass, the walls covered in photographs of generations past and that feeling of warmth and welcome and of coming home.

Where the food is prepared by the same hands that hug and hold you, and even the sausages; hunted, seasoned and cased by the groom himself. Where wine and drinks are poured by whoever happens to be behind the bar at that time. And where happy tears flow equally as much as the Champagne. It’s a special kind of vibe. One I feel so damn privileged to be welcomed into.

Claudia and Nick, you both have such an incredible way of making every single person you encounter feel comfortable and understood. I am overwhelmed with how warmly you welcomed me into your day and into your family. My heart is so full to look back on these images and relive the day all over again! You guys are just the bees knees!