Alyssa and Josh // Piha Wedding Photographer

Really struggling to find the correct words to describe these two incredible humans. Fun, energetic, kind, hilarious, beautiful and loving just don’t seem to cut it when it comes to describing this wonderful pair.

Alyssa and Josh came out to hang with me out here in Piha a few weeks back and I knew from the minute the rocked up in my driveway and after a solid 15 minutes of yarns on my deck that it was gonna be a fabulous time. Not even I could’ve expected the level of energy these guys were gonna bring to the table. We spent an hour or so roaming the beach, climbing across jagged rocks and getting knee deep in the salty waves - Laughing hysterically right up until the end! Apparently they were under the impression that they would be “awkward in front of the camera” since they had never really had their photos taken before, but lo and behold they have been models their whole lives without even knowing it!

I love seeing different couple dynamics, each relationship is so unique and its beautiful to see unfold. For these two I think the perfect word to describe them would be giving. They both give so much to one another and to those around them, whether its laughter, love, a word or encouragement, a gesture of love or just the feeling of warmth and kindness. They both just seem to radiate happiness and joy, which equals two humans bringing a whole lotta light into this world. Standing at each others side these two really bring out the best in each other, I genuinely am so happy they found each other because they really do make the world just that little bit more fun, magic and bright!

I cannot WAIT till they get to tie the knot next April! Its gonna be one heck of a day if this E-shoot is anything to go by!

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