Catherine and Sam: Piha Engagement

Im truly so grateful for this job. Not necessarily for the places I get to travel, the food I get to eat (Here's looking at you Kauri Bay Boomrock!) and the Lifestyle I get to live. These things are all wonderful and I love those parts of the job too. But the most rewarding part for me is without a doubt the people I have met.

I first met Cath and Sam at Mexico a few months back when they booked me for their wedding. We ate tacos and fried chicken and shared stories and lols over a Carafe of Sangria. It was like meeting two friends for dinner that I had known for ages. I'm fairly certain we spent a solid hour just chatting, laughing and eating before we even brought up the topic of Wedding photography! We got along like the literal definition of a house on fire, which meant by the time their engagement shoot came up, it was once again just like catching up with old friends. 

So without further ado; Here is the LOVELY Cath and Sam and their beautiful Piha Engagement shoot! Catherine and Sam I cannot WAIT for your wedding day! Like seriously, I think Im gonna cry... Just warning you...