Shannon and Dejan // Kauri Bay Boomrock Wedding Photographer

Shannon and Dejan spent a beautiful day on the hills of Kauri Bay Boomrock (legit my favourite wedding venue ever) The place, the people, the food - Just everything about this day was absolute perfection. After a day filled with love, family, friends and food I packed up my gear and headed out to my car, my heart swelling with immense feelings of gratitude. I could hear the sounds of laughter from those who had just so warmly welcomed me into their lives for the afternoon, music and stomping feet of the dance party that was only just getting started. And I couldn't help myself from dancing alone, bags in hand all the way to my car. This would be my last wedding till September (3 months away) And, as happy as I was from an amazing day, I was feeling pretty sad about it.

My final Wedding of every season is always a little bitter sweet for me. 
1. I've had so much fun with my beautiful couples and I know in about 2-3 weeks I'll be missing running around at sunset and watching cute in love people be cute and in love.
2. Im usually pretty ready at this time of year to have a bit of a break.
3. I no longer have an excuse to eat cake every weekend. smh.

My 2016-2017 wedding season was filled with SO much amazingness and I learnt so much. Starting so young (at the ripe ole age of 20) I feel like a lot of my time in my early years in business was spent comparing myself to others, trying to match the trends and trying to find my place in this industry (typical young people problems). But this last year has really been about saying "This is me. This is my work. And this is where I'm meant to be". My working style, editing, the way I interact with my couples is all unique to me and I don't try to be anyone Im not anymore. As I head into my 2017-2018 wedding season I've been reflecting on the years passed and what goals I want to set myself. And mostly is about giving people (my family, friends, couples and even strangers) a place to be themselves and to feel understood. When I think of the kind of business I want to have, it very much ties into the kind of person I want to be. I want to be warm, welcoming, honest and kind. And thats exactly what I want my business to reflect. And it seems its these kind of people that I am attracting because seriously, my couples are so lovely and I cant even begin to say how thankful I am for meeting every single one of you!

So, heres to last wedding season and the ones before it. And to the coming seasons, the adventures, discoveries, friendships and all the little moments in between....

Venue: Kauri Bay Boomrock
Photography: Amy Kate Photography
Videography: Patty Lagera
Flowers & Styling: Wildly Madly Deeply
Cake: Amys Secret Kitchen
Dress: La Sposa
Shoes: Mi Piaci
Hair: Lara DeWet
Make up: Aneta Stojkoska