Emmeline & Julius: Mordor Engagement

Some might say that visiting Mordor for your engagement shoot might be a bit dark. Then again, it's also seriously bad ass and dramatic AF so it is guaranteed awesomeness. Especially when you have these two ultimate babes in front of the lens, there isn't much that can go wrong.

Em and Ju got in touch with me start of last year, and from the get go I could tell that they were going  to be absolute legends to work with. Em had been following me religiously on Instagram and I followed her back because she seemed like the kinda girl I could have a glass of pinot with and be perfectly content! So before an email was even sent, l I felt I knew her already.

Em and Ju wanted to get amongst the NZ landscapes and hoped to keep it Northland bound. And so my mind instantly thought "Ruapehu". I suggested a trip to the dessert road and they replied with a resounding "YES!". So we set off midday down to the Mt. I took driving duties and Em being the legend she is, took on the role of DJ riding shotgun. On the drive down, me and Em jammed out to the likes of Beyonce while Ju stretched out in the back and had a nap! It was pure Road trip bliss! We arrived in Taupo to stop for some lunch and as I did a bit of googling I realised that Mt Ruapehu was none other than the filming location for Mordor. And right then and there it was settled; We would head to the Peak of Mt Ruapehu for some seriously bad ass engagement adventures. What unfolded was beyond what I expected, and with these two blissfully snuggled in each others arms I was in pure photographer heaven. We were freezing cold (Note to self: Mountains are cold) and the wind was brutal. At one point I lost feeling in my fingers. We would, between locations, hide out in the car and blast the heater full power to warm our hands and feet before heading out to battle the cold again! But I couldn't have asked for a more awesome couple to do it with! They took it in there stride and it all resulted in some breathtaking photos that Im super proud of.

Em & Ju, thanks for being so wicked! I cannot wait for your wedding in a few months time! 5 months till #WeddingToGoh ;)