New York City

Oh New York. You really are what dreams are made of. If dreams are made of fuckloads of people, $1 Pizza slices and really REALLY big buildings, everywhere. You are beautiful and terrifyingly exciting and you stole my heart within the first minute of stepping onto that subway platform. Its no wonder everyone sells those bloody "I <3 NYC" hats everywhere; Because you really are so loveable. I thought Id feel lost in the expansiveness of New York, so tiny and insignificant. But it has this way of making you feel like you belong there. Because, more than likely you do. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city, at every hour of every day. And even when your waiting in the subway at 3am and its 32 degrees celsius and your sweating from the humidity and have no idea if your catching the right train in the right direction, you still find a way to love every second of it! Because you're in New York City! And that in and of itself is bloody beautiful and there is no place you'd rather be. I could honestly spend a lifetime in this city and be content, Instead we only stayed for 5 days, but it was still more than enough to make me fall head over heels in love with it. 

Enjoy these frames of the small slithers of NYC that we were able to explore in such a short amount of time. Till next time my love!