Natalie and Andrew // Bethells Beach Couples shoot

Legit the most crack up couple I've had the pleasure of hanging with in one of my fav places ever! Natalie and Andrew are some pretty skilled photographers themselves so when they asked me to capture some sweet as pics of them I knew I was in for a treat! By the end of the day I was nicknamed the Rock Ninja (a title I am very proud to hold) and left with 2 new friends who Im blimm'n stoked to have met!

These two are currently uprooting their lives here in NZ to start their next adventure round the world. With their amazing sense of adventure and silliness I just know it'll be one to follow and I cant wait to see where it takes them! Hopefully not anywhere too Rocky though, hey Andrew? ;) 

Personal jokes aside guys, I know you'll have an absolute wicked time! And I look forward to hearing all about it over a glass of wine when you get back!