Ashley and Dan // Woodhill Engagement

There is nothing I love more than packing up my car, throwing on my walking shoes and a light jacket and driving towards the sunset on a winter afternoon. Whats even better, is when I get to explore with a hella cool couple, who have no qualms snuggling up close to each other and jumping fences to find new hidden places. I was honoured to capture this wonderful duos engagement a few weeks back on behalf of my good friend Cam from Little Village Photo Co. We spent the winter afternoon dodging cow poop and climbing over fallen trees whilst I snapped away on my camera. I also managed to sneak in some time to free lens, a technique Im determined to master this season, and created some rather interesting frames in the process. And with Dan and Ashley mastering the Deadpan face we were channeling our inner hipsters like no tomorrow! ;) 

Thanks for exploring with me Dan and Ashley! I cant wait to see what magic Cam creates with you two #models on your wedding day! x