Blanka // Bethells Beach maternity shoot

I have always thoroughly believed that there is an element of magic in our world. Perhaps its not the kind of magic like pixie dust and elves, But instead it hides within the simplest things that we tend to take for granted. I know for a fact that I was never able to fully grasp the sheer amazingness that this is, to bring another human into the world. But I have been so honoured to have been asked more and more to document this moment in a families life recently and the more I get to talk with these women and capture these stories the more awed and inspired I become! 

Blanka is honestly one of the most beautiful people I have meet, her radiant baby glow I strongly feel is just her general "Awesome person" Glow. It was only a week after we first spoke that we headed out to capture these images and from the moment I walked in the door Blanka made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. That afternoon we shared stories, laughed so much our bellies ached, spoke of our dreams of the future and the excitement and nerves for the things ahead. It was a beautiful day and Im so thankful to Blanka for her honesty, truth and that little spice of sass that she conveyed in these images. It was beautiful to capture and Im so excited to be shooting with her again in the future :)