Emily and Amy on Tour // Matakana

Exploring with this absolute legend is always absolutely legendary! She is such a master at her work and has spent the last few months working in the film industry, its usually hard to find her without something going on, or without places to be, So when I got the opportunity to steal her away for a few days to explore my home town of Matakana I was pretty gosh darn excited about it! Over the three days we relaxed in my cottage in the hills of Matakana, reading books, watching Poldark or browsing through imgur. And when we weren't cracking ourselves up with our amazing puns and ridiculous voices, we were out exploring with our cameras at our sides. Once we ran out of light we spent our evenings at a wonderful little wine bar in Matakana called The Vintry, where they serve the BEST Mulled Wine and with chess boards at our table we sat ourselves by the fire, sipped our Mulled wine and played chess. Im so lucky to have this amazing gal in my life! She is a real inspiration to me and always pushes me forward in my life and business. Emily, you da bomb diggity! And Im sending you all my love as you head out into the big bad world to travel and share your awesomeness with the world!