Take Hold of Yourself

I love the Rain. There is something very comforting, quiet and peaceful about it. And as the rain pelted against my window today I felt the need to create something inspired by an idea I had been mulling over quite a bit recently. So I took some pictures and wrote some stuff, and here it is... From my heart to yours...

A x

"Learn how to hold yourself... By that, I don't mean how to stand or how to present yourself. I mean really how to hold yourself. In the isolation of your home and in the pit of your heart. Hold yourself. Give in to your weak knees and collapse into your own embrace. Take yourself in your arms and reassure yourself that its going to be alright.
You need love and kindness, not from others, but from yourself. So let yourself cry, let yourself breath heavily, let your eyes close and your body curl into a ball. Let your arms wrap around you so tight your that all your broken parts are pulled back together. And feel comfort in knowing that you will always be there for yourself."