Miki Pogoni // illustrator. artist. BAMF.

In the past few years Ive meet some crazy creative people. I owe a lot of these relationships to my photography and recent voyage into the life of being an artist. This gal here on the other hand has been by my side since all the way back to the ole college days. Miki was always doing something new and outside of the norms. I was envious of her mad skills with a paintbrush, pencil, crayon, felt pen, or just anything she picked up. It seemed that no matter what tools she used her ideas just flooded out of her mind, through her hands and onto the page with the effort of a freaking butterfly flapping its wings for the first time. I remember thinking "This girl is a freaking genius". And I very often found myself being painted on, sketched or photoshopped by her talented self in hopes that perhaps I would learn her tricks. But, there where no tricks and no shortcuts. Just talent, hard work and passion for creating.

Recently she just took it to a whole new level, and has started to put her work (rightfully so) out so everyone can see. Her first public project being a pack of cards - And they are THE MOST bad ass pack of cards you will probably ever see. 

This gal has always been such an inspiration to me, and I was honoured to photograph her and her cards out in the very appropriate dessert road. If you would like to check out her work and get your daily update of "Card of the Day" then head on over and check her out on facebook and instagram.

Stay awesome Miki! I cant wait to see where this road takes you, ya bad ass! :)