This Little Light of Mine

So, awhile back when I was talking to my awesome pal Patty Lagera, I told her that she carries her light with her where ever she goes, and for some reason today I was thinking about what I had said. As I thought, I realised how difficult it was to tell myself the exact same thing... The more I thought the more I knew that I needed to share this in some way, not just for myself but for anyone out there who has ever dimmed their bright inner light, unable to see the good in themselves.

So I did a little project. I was looking at this image of Patty and I started writing and all of a sudden it turned into a typography project. As I designed I kept thinking, and taking notes of my thoughts as I went. 

And Man, It really takes courage and hard work to truly accept yourself and let yourself BE all that you are. It seem to be a constant climb to accept yourself - faults and all. But I REALLY hope that if you are reading this now you can see your own light, or at least, you have loved ones around you who point it out to you EVERY DAY until you start to see for yourself. We need to stop covering ourselves, and hiding. All that does is keep us locked away and held back.

I hope you can let yourself be who you are, I hope you can see the light that beams out of your eyes when you talk about your passions and dreams. I hope you can let that inner light inspire you and encourage you to create your life fully with love, and laughter and adventure. That you wont hide, that you can be honest with yourself and with those around you. That you can fight for what you hold dear, and let go of the things you know are not yours to hold onto. That you can speak up when you need to be heard and listen when some ones else needs a kind ear.

Here is the image that inspired me today, and below it the final product.