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Carragh and Cody // Boutique Barn Wedding

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Amy Kate Photography is a Wedding Photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Creating deeply expressive images full of life and feeling. 

Carragh and Cody // Boutique Barn Wedding

amy atkinson

There is so much I have to say about this wedding, So much that a simple Blog post cant even break the surface, but here it goes...

On a beautiful bright morning, tucked away inside the Boutique Barn on Bayer road  I was invited to spend the day with the soon to be Mr and Mrs Amos.  

After driving out through the beautiful winds and turns of Puhoi Road, I had finally made it to my destination. Ridiculously early and with a mixture of excitement and nerves,  I awaited the arrival of the Bride to be and her beautiful bridal party.

This would be my first wedding and my mind was racing simply thinking about how this day would go. Even though i had spent my entire Photography career up to this point preparing for this day, theory can only do so much, now it was time to put it all together. 

To put it simply, It was the greatest start to my journey on becoming a professional wedding photographer that I could have hoped for. It was magical, it was beautiful and it was so filled with love that my heart wanted to explode out of my chest.

I am so happy to call Carragh and Cody my first ever Bride and Groom and i could not have asked for a kinder, sweeter more understanding couple. And by the end of the day, after being told that i was practically part of the family, I really did feel like I was part of something wonderful. And to document it was the greatest gift that they could have given me. 

I would like to thank these two beautiful families. Not many people would have taken a risk in hiring a first time wedding photographer like you did. You put your faith in me and I cannot thank you enough. 

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