Nelson Part 2: A Bit More Soul

Ive decided that Im not going to edit this post much, because that would totally go against everything its talking about... So be aware this post contains foul language, bad grammar and my heart and soul on a plate for you to see! Read on if you will! :)

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop (calling it a workshop just doesn't even do it justice) so yeah, this is my attempt at putting it into words... A pretty impossible task but as I started writing it all out, My thoughts seemed to spiral out of control and to be honest, I feel that its in that moment that the best thing happens, so here is that paragraph. Oh and of course the photos... theres the photos as well! 

On the 2nd day (i think... i cant be sure, its all blurred into one at this stage) We were asked to write down Why we do what we do. And me being me, tried to write something that seemed "acceptable" and "meaningful" and "deep"... pretty much once more trying to bullshit myself into being who I think I should be.

But the truth is, and it took me sometime to realise it, I do this because I just straight up, without a doubt, Fucking love the hell out of my people. The people I get to work with - Couples, photographers, Just Everyone! - are completely 100% smothered in awesomeness! And I love just being able to BE with them. I love being able to give them something that makes them go "Thats us and bloody hell we are Awesome!". Because being able to be who you are 100% all the time is bloody hard, and (I know for myself) It can be a rare occasion that I actually have a moment of "oh yeah, there I am". But you know, thats ok and Im cool with that. Because Man, Im so happy being able to look at what I do, where I am, how I live, and the people I meet, and be able to say without a doubt in my mind - "Mate! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life". - And that to me means more than finding myself... Because lets be honest, being lost is way more fun anyway.

A massive thanks to all the people that I laughed with, cried with, sung and danced with and who accepted me and "Loved the shit outa me" ;) you are all amazing beyond words and Im so glad to have shared this with you all! Even more thanks to Rachael and Emily for making this dream of theirs into a reality, there are so many people whose lives you have changed by making this idea into something so much more than words could ever say. 

Enjoy the photos peeps! They come from a very special place in my heart!

"Deep on the convent-roof the snows, Are sparkling to the moon, My breath to heaven like vapour goes, May my soul follow soon!"-Alfred Tennyson