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Amy Kate Photography is a Wedding Photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Creating deeply expressive images full of life and feeling. 

Simone and Alex: Piha Engagement Photographer

amy atkinson

Late one afternoon Simone and Alex ventured out to meet me in my new hometown of Piha. I have just recently taken up residence in the beautiful, quiet and moody af coastal town and have been dying to bring some couples out to show them all the little spots I have found in my wanderings over the past 2 months. The skies where angry and heavy with rain and the sand flattened by the roaring winds. We sat in the car waiting for the torrential rain to pass over before heading out. At this point, maybe others less brave would've decided to call it a day and reschedule. But not these guys! Once it passed we packed up our things and headed out. The thing about cold days is that it means you have to cuddle for your life, which results in some beautifully moody, emotive and downright adorable pics. During the rain spells we hid out in caves that North End is so generous in providing which resulted in some even more spectacular and (thanks to Simone's Epic Style) Fashionable as heck pics. 

In true Amy Kate Photoshoot Weather Luck, the sun decided to come out and grace us with its presence - At this point Im starting to wonder if I should put "Can control the Weather" in my about me, because honestly, its just getting ridiculous how lucky I am getting with this weather stuff. *results may vary* 

More than all that, these two where just so wonderful to hang out with and I cannot WAIT to be part of their wedding day next April! 

Alisha and Andrew: Boutique Barn Wedding Photographer

amy atkinson

As all of us Kiwis know, New Zealand Summer is anything but predictable. When you live here you know quite well that summer does not necessarily mean long sunny days of 23 degrees, and with the "summer" that just passed most of us are probably feeling a bit questionable that it even happened at all. 

As Alisha and Andrew prepared in their final week leading up to their wedding they were faced with every Kiwi couples nightmare. A Cyclone, predicted to roll in over NZ on the Weekend of their wedding. And they handled it like absolute champs.

On my arrival to Boutique Barn I was greeted by Andrews beaming smile, surrounded by his lads helping to set up the Gazebo that they had managed to source the day before. It would be the shelter for their 80 or so Guests from the expected 100mm of rainfall. It was humid, sticky and the sky was covered over with threatening clouds... But, no rain.. Alisha made her final adjustments to the reception before sitting down to get her hair and make up done, Bubbles, smiles, laughs... No rain. We were all too terrified to get to excited in fear of Jinxing it. And yet, on the day went. They said their I dos under a festoon lit tent, just incase the sky decided to open up and still, you guessed it, no rain. 

When I stood with Alisha and Andrew in the drive way of Boutique Barn during their photos, I asked them to simply enjoy each others company, take it in. And just in the little moment as they held each other in their arms, the sun; in true Romance movie fashion, shone out from behind the clouds.

I was beyond stoked to be part of this beautiful pairs day. And to see that no matter rain or shine they've got each others backs. A&A... The A team; I wish you both all the love one can muster, all the laughs, all the adventure, all the happiness in the world. And No Rain.

Abby and Scott: Waimauku Barn Wedding

amy atkinson

There are fewer things more magical than watching a close friend marry the love of their lives, and then there is Abby and Scott. Its hard to put into words the amount of gratitude I felt documenting this beautiful day and to say it was absolute magic, is an understatement. What else can you expect from a fellow fairy ;)

I met Abby a few years back, where we worked together at a little place called the Fairy Shop. Around the same time, I had just picked up a camera, and she had only just met Scott, who in time would end up at the end of an aisle, teary eyed in anticipation as Abby walked towards him ready to become his Wife. 

Their wedding was filled with everything you could possibly want in a wedding; Two people absolutely smitten with each other, a good bunch of friends and family ready to tear up the D-Floor, Fairy lights, Forests, Sand dunes and of course TACOS! It made for one heck of a day and Im so stoked to finally share it with you all! Get ready for all the Smiles!